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The Gabby Hayes Show

What many people do not realize is there are two very different series titled The Gabby Hayes show. The first Gabby Hayes programs were on NBC starting at 5:15 p.m. Eastern Time and only ran for fifteen minutes three times a week. Wright King was a regular cast member on the first shows! Wright King appeared on the program in 1950–1951 in several roles including a youthful Mark Twain. The second version was a half-hour broadcast on Saturday mornings running for only thirteen weeks from May 12 to July 14, 1956, on ABC. Gabby retired after the close of the 1956 series. This was the second time George Hayes retired! He also retired in the late 1920?s after a very successful vaudeville career and what looked to be some shrewd investments. BUT the crash of 1929 left him broke so he had to go back to work choosing to go to Hollywood! Because of this Gabby brought countless people entertainment joy as virtually every major cowboy stars sidekick at one time or another. Gabby Hayes is the undisputed KING of the Cowboy Sidekicks!