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Pistols N Petticoats

Starring Ann Sheridan

An obvious knock off of F Troop, but it had its moments. Ann Sheridan was a major movie star in the 1940s. She passed awhile while filming the series in 1967. Ruth McDevitt and Douglas Fowley were wonderful as Grandma and Grandpa. The gay undertaker steals the episode. Stuart Margolin of Rockford Files fame also guest stars. Produced by Joe Connelly who was best known as the co-producer of Leave It To Beaver and The Munsters with Bob Mosher.

Shootout at O’Day Corral

The murderous Blanton brothers threaten to kill Sheriff Sikes, Lucy convinces Henrietta, Grandpa and Grandma to stay out of the conflict. Starring – Ann Sheridan, Ruth McDevitt, Douglas Fowley, Gary Vinson and Carole Wells. CLASSIC WESTERN THAT HAS BEEN ON YOUTUBE, ARCHIVE OR DAILYMOTION FOR YEARS. WESTERNS CHANNEL HAS EMBEDDED THIS FROM YOUTUBE, ARCHIVE OR …